A little bit about us...

When we began

The company was founded in 1983 by Gerry Grant, who was a printer by trade and built his company on quality and service! Our current directors took over the company in 2014 - Cathy having worked there since 2001 and John learning the trade from Gerry over the previous couple of years. Our new aim is based closely on the starting one - quality and good service. 

Our Aims

The plan was always to provide a quality service - while focussing on our clients. We try to maintain that and believe it's our key to success. From the first phone call to the day your job is delivered we take the stress out of your life by delivering a high quality service on time.

We literally take on the hassle and just give you back a high quality job.

Our Process

We have over the past few years upgraded our processes. We have top of the range machinery and the most up to date design software. Ensuring you have the most up to date service possible.  So we can manage your printing requirements with an ease thats unbeaten.

We're small and mighty. As a family run business we can control every aspect, from start to finish we know exactly where your job is every step of the way.